Northeast Tennessee

Spawn of HB Iron Horse Edition

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

June 19th, 2018

Weather – Warm and Muggy, with a large amount of SWASS


18 Pax: Twilight, Sleepy, Pythagoras, Joanna, Rite-Aid, Puff Daddy, Dean, Cold Call, Hee-Haw, Colonel, Penn-Seagal, Chum, Sidecar, ATM, Ponch, Swingline, Kardashian, YHC.

COT/Prayer – YHC

Warm Up – We got warm.

The Thang


PAX assembled in 4 or 5 man teams and moved to truck, secured one HB log section and a block per team. Short movement to Tombstone Hill with coupons. Teams lined up behind logs on Tombstone Hill.

One Pax or Pax Buddy Team carried HB log section up to 2nd Light Pole on Left Side while remaining team members executed exercise as follows.

1st Round – 300 Merkins (Team Total Count)

2nd Round – 300 Squats  (Team Total Count)

3rd Round – 300 Big Boy Sit Ups (Team Total Count)


PAX moved from Tombstone Hill back to truck. 1st Pax Bear Crawl, 2nd Pax Log Carry, 3rd Pax Block Lunges, 4th Pax Crab Walk – 30 count on right hand/foot Pax rotate with Pax at their six.

Announcements:  3rd F Thursday Night


COT/Closing Prayer – YHC

Hard work was put in by all, adequate sweat was shed, and Pax enjoyed some mental suck to go along with Bootcamp workout. Today was a good day, you just came to do merkins and squats and stuff and some guy threw in a log. That is how you know it was going to be a good day. Someone cared enough to bring a log to your party. As always I really appreciate you gents.

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