Northeast Tennessee

Spawn of HB Iron Valley Edition

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

June 26th, 2018

Weather – Warm and Muggy, moderate SWASS.


8 Pax: Doc-Ock, Peaches, Swirly, Bollywood, Mudslide, Chunk, Floppy Disk

COT/Prayer – YHC

Warm Up – We got warm, quick, see warm and muggy reference above.

The Thang


Pax assembled in 4 man teams and moved to truck, secured one HB log section and a block per team. Short movement to school entry pad with coupons. Teams lined up behind logs facing school drop off loop.

One Pax carried HB log section to flag at midway portion of school drop off loop while remaining team members executed exercise as follows. Youngsters modified with blocks, Peaches went BeastMode with blocks to flagpole and back, Swirly gave the log a try, logs do bite. 2.0’s were representing and stepping up. Made YHC push harder, most inspiring.

1st Round – 275 Merkins (Team Total Count)

2nd Round – 275 Squats  (Team Total Count)

3rd Round – 275 Big Boy Sit Ups (Team Total Count)

4th Round – 275 Mountain Climbers (Team Total Count)


PAX moved from school entry pad to end of school drop off loop and back to school pad +/- 15min. 1st Pax Crab Walk, 2nd Pax Log Carry, 3rd Pax Block Lunges, 4th Pax Bear Crawl. 15 count on right hand/foot Pax rotate with Pax at their six. After each iteration Pax stopped and performed an exercise. 10 Merkins, 20-4 flutter kicks, 20 Side Straddler Hops, 40 air presses…there was a couple more I think….my brain got tired because of logs and bear crawls.

Announcements:  CSAUP discussion, Nolichucky Triple Threat, look it up, sounds legit.


COT/Closing Prayer – YHC

2.0’s got me to thinking and inspired the following a random but heartfelt memory….

“What day is today”

“It’s today” squeaked piglet.

“My favorite day” said Pooh.

8 Pax showed up and didn’t run away when we started dragging logs and blocks out of a truck. There was definitely some mental and physical suck, but today was our day, not the heat, the log, or the bear crawls day. It was our day. Thanks for showing up gents, I appreciate you all and may everyday be your favorite day.


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