Northeast Tennessee

Lungetastic Leg Day

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

26 PAX assembled on this 67 degree morning thankful for the reprieve from the rain.  Little did they know the “punishment” that was in store.
SSH – 25 IC

Through the Tunnel – 10 IC

Willie Mays Hays – 10 count to each side

Imperial Walkers – 9 IC

Mosey around the track
Often when planning a workout, it looks great on paper but once the heart rate is elevated and the sweat is pouring, you realize it is not as fun as you initially thought.  This wasn’t one of those workouts.  YHC knew this would be rough.  PAX were advised that we were going to keep it simple this morning, but simple does not mean easy.

Each PAX would pick up their block/sandbag and lunge around the track(400m).  To add to the enjoyment, any time the coupon hit the ground there was a 3 burpee penalty.  YHC, also the 6, called an audible at the 200m mark and PAX mosey with coupons the rest of the lap.  Hats off to everyone as this really sucked, but especially those that completed the full lap.

Part Two:

400m run

Round 1 With coupon: 12 Squats, 12 overhead press.  rinse and repeat x3

400m run

Round 2 with coupon:  9 alternating lunges, 9 bent over rows.  rinse and repeat x3

400m run

Round 3 with coupon: 6 block burpees, 6 upright rows.  rinse and repeat x 3

not today

Glory and family.  House listed yesterday.  Pray for them during this transition in their lives.

Rudy and family during adoption process.
“The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.” -Epictetus

I want to thank you guys for the friendship.  I’ve said it before but I can tell a difference when I haven’t been able to post and this past week hasn’t been any different.  Keep encouraging each other and EH’ing those guys that haven’t posted. Reach out to those that have gone MIA or even just missed a workout.  It will go a long way.

Boilermaker kicks off next Friday 7/6….

July 4 Murph at Arrowhead 0700ish….stay tuned

BruteForce Mile second week of July….you don’t have to pay to participate in the workout but will need a head count to ensure everyone has a bag for the workout.  May have to run it twice

RideorDie – Wednesday morning group rides 0530 at Tweetsie Trail head in JC

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