Northeast Tennessee

Luck of the Draw….UNO

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

22 Pax gather on a brisk July morning.


Pax picked a partner of similar athleticism and physical ability and played one round of Rock-Paper-Scissors, with the winners forming a team and the losers forming a team (for future, this is a pretty good way to divide evenly).  Channeling his inner Donatello, YHC went straight into it and moseyed to Tombstone Hill.


TEAM UNO- Each team had a bucket with a deck of Uno cards at the top of the hill and an empty bucket at the bottom.  The goal was to transport all cards to the bottom bucket, one at a time, before the other team. Each color represented an different exercise and Pax were to perform the corresponding number(1-10) on the card prior to dropping their card in the lower bucket and heading backup the hill for another card. Exercises were as follows:

  • BLUE – Burpees x1
  • RED – Russian Hammers (4 count)
  • YELLOW – Groiners x2
  • GREEN – Gorilla Humpers x4
  • WILDS – Run Around the Block (0.34 miles)

We completed 2 rounds before time was called, with a 3+ minute Burpee Train in the middle of Round 1, and modifying round 2 by only doing half of Tombstone hill. Collectively the PAX did 496 Burpees (plus the train), 992 Groiners, 496 Russian Hammers, 1984 Gorilla Humpers, 16 miles of running, 208 trips up Tombstone Hill, and 208 1/2 trips up Tombstone Hill.

She did not appear, since we used every single second( and a few more) to finish round two.

YHC has been hit with a ton of small to medium unexpected financial burdens lately (including a new sewer line to the street).  In my contemplating the situation, I was reminded of a similar trial years ago, when a wise sage, looked me in the eye after hearing my complaints and said. “Would $10,000 solve your problems?” I quickly responded, “Absolutely!!!”  “Then give me your child,” he said, “I know I could easily get you $10,000 for her.”  I looked back with my jaw on the floor and he said, “If your problems can be handled with money, you don’t really have problems.”

We all face minor struggles every day, and some of us face bigger problems, but often times we compound our problems by focusing on all the negative things.  Yes, we face trials, but as a collective we are a blessed group of men.  If we have nothing else, we have the fellowship of the men in F3, and that is more than many. I challenge each of us to focus on our blessings today and say a prayer of thanksgiving for all we have.

3rd Thursday is tonight at Main Street Pizza at 9pm – Discussion, dealing with aging parents and still, Honoring thy Mother and Father.

August 3 – Family Pool Party at Highland Gates Pool

Spartans, Goliath, and other things…..Register for something CSAUP.

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