Northeast Tennessee

Simple but Effective

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

11 PAX joined together on a 70 degree morning that was hard to describe as gloom!  Due to a little calf strain the YHC claimed there would be little running.  The mumble chatter when a mosey was used during warm up led to just a little bit more mosey, but otherwise it was run free.
Through the Tunnel IC x 10

Little Baby Arm Circles IC x 10

Overhead Arm Circles IC x 10

Reverse Lunges x 10

Knee Ups and Open x 10

2 lap mosey around the parking lot

Each PAX brought their favorite coupon.  For some it was a block, for others it was a sandbag.  Each exercise was completed in immediate succession.

  • Shoulder Slams for 60 secs
  • Push Press for 60 secs
  • Hang Cleans for 60 secs (some PAX subbed in curls if they were using a block)
  • Back Squats for 60 secs
  • Bent Over Rows for 60 secs

After the rows recover for 1:30 and then go again.  Complete 4 rounds total.

Drop to the 6 after the last recovery period.  Complete 20 4-count flutter kicks IC, immediately followed by 20 bicycle crunches, immediately followed by a 1:00 plank hold.  Rest for 1:30 and repeat again.
Continued prayers for Sock Monkey and his family as well as Wilbur’s work situation.
Remind those in town of the pool party Saturday and the upcoming convergence on 8/11.

Good luck to those running the Spartan Saturday!

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