Northeast Tennessee

School is Definitely Back In

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

9 PAX met on a nice morning that could hardly be described as gloom.  It seemed like any other summer morning until the burpee buses started to roll by…luckily we didn’t have the number of buses we usually see.  Just another reminder that school is definitely back in session.
Big Arm Circles Forward IC x 10

Big Arm Circles Backward IC x 10

Through the Tunnel IC x 10

Loosen up the hips

Dynamic Warmup – high knees, butt kickers, power skips

Mosey to the practice band field

  • Line up on the goal line.  100 yard sprint, drop for 15 Merkins, hold the plank for the 6.  Mosey back to the far goal line.  Repeat 4 more times.
  • 100 yard bear crawl.  Flip to the 6 for 100 flutter kicks.  Mosey back to the far goal line.
  • 100 yard walking lunges.  Hit the 6 for 100 American Hammers.  Mosey back to the far goal line.
  • 100 yard crab walk.  Flip for a 1:00 plank hold.  Mosey back to the far goal line.
  • 100 yard inch worm burpee broad jump.  Mosey back to the parking lot to circle up.
  • Somewhere in there 3 school buses made their way past resulting in 30 burpees.

None today.
None today.  Spent the time talking about plans for convergence workout.
Wilderness Road 1-year Convergence this coming Saturday.  Soccer field parking area across from DB.  NOT in the band practice field parking area where we usually meet.

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