Northeast Tennessee

1 Year Anniversary and repeat 1 post to F3

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

I joined 22 other pax to lead them in a repeat Q from my first post to F3. It was a gloomy 70 degree morning with a chance of slimy nasty gunk

  • Motivators X 7
  • TTT X 15
  • DQ X 15 @ 3000 RPMs
  • Mericans X 5
  • IW X 15
  • HW X 15
  • LBAC X 15 <>
  • Shoulder Pretzels X 20
    Mosey to the field (partner up on the way and size matters). Zig-Zag lamp post to lamp post where exercises and travel instructions are posted.
  • Wheel barrow > Merican Squats X 15 > Wheel Barrow (switch places) > Merican squats X 15 (switch places) >
  • Lunge > Bropees X 10 >
  • Partner drag > Cliff hanger mericans X 10 (switch places) > Partner Drag
  • Bear Crawl > Boyah Mericans X 20 > Broad Jump>
  • Hail Mary X 20 (switch paces)
  • Bear Crawl Inchworm (2.5 laps)

Gassers – 40ish yards 3-5 minutes


  • Flutter Kicks X 49
  • LBCs X 15 (s – l – o – w 3 count hold)
  • Dolly X 15

we didn’t make it to the last exercise

  • Captain Thor X 4:16

I just can’t do it alone…that was Kardashian’s moleskin my first day. It rings true to this day. F3 has been an awakening for me over the past year. It has provided friends, support, accountability  and a since of purpose to family, friends and community. It truly has been a blessing in my life and I know it has for others as well. I hope F3 last forever, because ever man can you what it is offering!
Meet the Mountains August 24-25

Wilderness Road convergence Saturday August 11th

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