Northeast Tennessee

Welcome everybody to the GUNSHOW

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Ten Pax showed up in the literal gloom of a particularly foggy morning for a good ‘ol 2A beat down.
Warm Up:

The Motivator, from 10

Hilbilly Walkers x15

Hand-release Merkins x 10

Bataan Death March around the outside sidewalk of the park

Since it was Second Amendment’s anniversary Q, he thought it prudent to bring the Pax to the GUNSHOW.  The following was in pairs, with cumulative totals:

  • Genuines x 50
  • Upright rows x 100
  • Newton’s Cradle x 150
  • Side straddle Hops x 200
  • Hydraulic squats x 250 (called an audible, this turned into 100)
  • Outlaws x 300 (again, audible turned into 150)
  • World War I sit-ups x 350

Partner runs up tombstone hill, three burpees at the apex, then switch off at the bottom of the hill


We all know that the 3 F’s are  Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.  What we tend to forget is that the 3rd F is not faith in God, per se, but rather faith in something bigger than just yourself.  Often times we as a group bring sad clowns that we know will fit a certain stereotype: somewhat athletic, christian, etc.  But this group is meant to be so much more than that.  F3 is for men in any stage of life, of any religious background (or lack thereof), at any fitness level.  We often times begin and end with prayer (which is fine if that is what you want to do, please don’t misunderstand me), but it is called the circle of trust, not inherently a circle of prayer.  I say all this to challenge everyone to try encouraging people to come that you normally wouldn’t.  Find someone of: a different faith, an agnostic, an atheist, a different race, a different socioeconomic background, whomever it is, and get them out to a workout with you.  F3 is a group for all men, and for us to not share that with others because it might make us uncomfortable or being afraid that it might change the group dynamic is a shame.  Also, Doc Ock is challenging the AOs to bring new folks out, and this would be a great time to bring in someone you thought wouldn’t “fit in”.

Welcome FNG Phanatic (Braves fan, Phillies mascot is the Fanatic -> Phanatic)

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