Northeast Tennessee

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Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

A balmy Thursday morning greeted the PAX with joy. 16 men gave a big ol’ “Negative, captain!” and a proud middle finger to the urge to stay in bed, and came out in the gloom to get a little better.


  • Pick up coupons. Mosey!
  • 10 x LBAC IC forward
  • 10 x LBAC IC reverse
  • Mosey some more
  • 10 merkins IC
  • Mosey some more
  • TTT x 10 IC
  • Mosey some more to the (very, very dark) pull-up bars
  • SSH x 10 IC


Pick a partner. 6 exercise DORA, teams of 2. Static and movement combined. Complete in any order you like, but 1-6 must be done before 1-4 may be attempted. You must complete 100 percent of one set (items 1-6) before moving to another set of exercises. Both partners must be exercising at the same time and resting at the same time (communication is key to doing this work).

  1. 100 Squats with coupon while partner holds Al Gore
  2. 100 merkins while partner holds plank at “middle floor”
  3. 60 Dry docks while partner holds coupon overhead
  4. 80 coupon burpees while partner does bear crawls between light poles 1&2
  5. 50 pull-ups / body rows while partner dead hangs with a knee raise
  6. 100 sphinx crunches (1 ct right leg only) while partner holds alternating Dancing Bears


  1. BONUS 60 Toes to Bar while partner holds Boat (of Boat / Canoe)
  2. BONUS 200 mountain climbers (1 ct right leg only) while partner runs Suicides between light poles 1 and 4
  3. BONUS 50 horizontal pull ups on the swings while partner quietly weeps (or holds plank)
  4. BONUS 100 Coupon Clean & Jerks while partner holds Al Gore

Mosey back with coupons. Followed by approximately 45 seconds of “canoe”.

No team made it through all 6 exercises and into the bonus rounds. Both members of the team were pushed to failure multiple times throughout the exercise, and yet no one had any judgement of the other when asked to stop / switch due to running out of steam. I spoke a little about how none of us have a problem asking for help with big, obvious physical tasks like unloading a moving truck or yardwork, but that we are very unlikely as men to reach out for support if we are depressed, or in need of prayer, or just want to hang out and goof off. Let’s do better at that – no one would judge a man asking for some help, but we all hold back asking because we’re afraid we’ll be judged. It’s time to get out of our own heads and more engaged with our fellow man. It’s brave and manly to ask for help. It’s weak and stops others from the blessing of being able to help if you suffer in silence.


Geisha is departing for Japan with his family for 2 years on Monday – pray for them.

3rd F tonight at Main Street Pizza @ 9:00PM

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