Northeast Tennessee

It All Adds Up.

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

It was a muggy Tuesday morning that 23 PAX came down to Founder’s Park for an unexpected a math lesson for Whoppi’s VQ.
Motivators from 7, TTT IC x 10, LBAC IC x 15 fwd and x15 rev, Freddie Mercurys IC x 10, LBFCs IC x10, Sweat Angels IC x10, Frankensteins IC x10, Sprinklers IC x10
Mosey to Field for Route 66:

1 burpee and run length of 3 poles, then complete 2 burpees. Run back, complete 3 burpees. Continue adding 1 burpee per round until you have completed 11 rounds of burpees, for a total of 66 burpees. (get it?)

Super 21 with Peter Parker (4 count) in between each:

1 Merkin, PP, 1 BBSI, PP, 2 Merkin, PP, 2 BBSI, PP…..continue adding 1 rep each until getting to 21 total. Modified from BigBoys to LBCs about 10 sets in. Removed Peter Parkers about 14 sets in until time.

Moseyed back to amphitheater for circle .

A couple of Merkins or Big Boys here and ther don’t seem to do much.  But, the more you add on top of it, it tends to add up. Before you know it, your body has reached a failure point for reps.

The same is true for us in our lives. We go and go and don’t see the repercussions of the pace of our lives. But, the more we do, the more it adds up. So, don’t forget to take a day to rest, sabbath, vege, or choose to stop the 24/7 pace. God intended for us to take a day, once a week, to rest. Be sure to incorporate that into your life and you will see the effects mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Meet the Mountains festival this Friday and Saturday. Sign-ups are still available on Slack.

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