Northeast Tennessee

Matlock Anniversary Q

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

14 energized PAX arrived on a pleasant morning (mid 60s).
Motivator – 8 IC

TTT – 15 IC

Merkin- 20 IC

Don Quixote – 10 IC


  • Split into 2 lines and do an Indian Run – Long Way to Playground.
  • Group spilt into 4 groups: 1s did 10 pull-ups, 2s did 20 merkins (entrance of school), 3s did 20 big boy situps (top  of small hill), and 4s did 20 squats (top of big hill).  Groups stayed together and ran to/worked through stations counter clockwise, with 1 less pull-up being done each round.
  • Flutter Kicks at top of small hill (somewhat of Mary)
  • Mosey down grass and sprint on track back to flag.
  • My 1 year Anniversary in coming to F3 happened on our around August 4.  The year has been transforming and has helped me reach goals in different parts of my life.  Keep helping to make each other better by showing up and being an active part of F3.
  • Beaker shared his heart for children in foster care and how we can be part of influencing a broken system to show children at risk/orphans who Christ is – in hope of them hearing the gospel and coming to salvation.  Great stuff.
    Glory’s send off is this Thursday (August 30) at Yee-Haw from 5:30-7:30pm (or thereabouts).

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