Northeast Tennessee

Playing Cards with music on a Saturday

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Three PAX arrived at Arrowhead on a beautiful morning looking for a workout.  One had doubled-down (Jobs) while the other two made smaller bets.
A quick warmup of Merkins IC X10, TTT IC X10, Willie Mays Hays X10 seconds
A deck of cards is always a quick and effective method of causing fatigue and sweat.  Cones were placed at 20 yard increments.  For each card of value 2,3,4, run to the first cone and back.  For each card (Hearts for cardio) of value 5,6,7, second cone; 8,9,10, third cone; face cards, last cone.  For a Joker, a 0.25 mile run.

  • Each PAX present chose the exercise for the following cards as the were drawn.  Jobs (Diamonds) chose BBSU, PBS (Clubs) chose burpees, Pedialyte (Spades), chose Merkins.
  • The entire deck of cards was completed.
  • Music, mainly from the ’80s, was played throughout.

In the final two minutes, Jobs chose boat-canoe and PBS chose elevator Merkins.  Fun.

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