Northeast Tennessee

Post LABOR day post

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

29 men made claim to first light and put in the labor.
Very little warm-up as YHC knew there was work to be done.

Motivators from 5, then mosey to the park.
Because the Ironhorse train is running close to 30 now we divided up into 5 groups.  From there 5 separate workstations were setup in close proximity to what may be called “art”.  It’s not dogs playing poker or a Molly Hatchet album cover but one can dream.  Each PAX is to start at their station and rotate through all 5 to complete a circuit.

Station 1:  20 reps then add 5 for each completed lap————Dips, Decline “Merkins, Mountain Climbers (each leg), Full out run to next station

Station 2:   20 reps then add 5 for each completed lap———–Little Baby Crunches, Heals to Heaven, Tri-Side Rise, Bear Crawl to next station

Station 3:   20 reps then add 5 for each completed lap———Prisoner Squats, Lunges (each leg), Capt. Morgan’s, Crab Walk to next station

Station 4:   20 reps then add 5 for each completed lap—————-Al Gore (60 count), High Claps, WW1 Sit-ups, Mosey to next station

Station 5:   20 reps then add 5 for each completed lap————–Pickle Pounders, Monkey Jumpers, Knee Taps, Mosey to next station

No time for a hail Mary as time ran out.

YHC’s inexperience once again reared its head as he tried to just pray and move on with our day.  PAX found great delight pointing this out and corrections were made.

Don’t forget Goliath at the Gorge – signups are ongoing – I am sure a spreadsheet exists

This Thursday is 3rd F with pizza, beer, and real men

Welcome to FNG, Ant Man.  Sugar’s 2.0, a budding entomologist.

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