Northeast Tennessee

4.38 and some stairs

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

10 runners and 4 ruckers rolled into The Hill to kick Monday in the teeth on a drizzly, humid 60 degree morning.
WMH – 10 each leg

TTT – 10 IC

Dynamic warm-up

Warm-up lap (Ponzi had arrived so we weren’t sure what to call the lap??)
QIC shared with the PAX that the world record marathon time had been set the previous weekend in Germany. The average pace for the runner was 4min 38sec per mile. QIC challenged the PAX to push hard for as many laps as possible for 4:38 to set some perspective on just how impressive that time was. Rite Aid made it right at 3/4 mile with everyone else staggered behind which was a rather humbling experience.

The remainder of the Q was a simple yet effective grind. PAX were paired up. Partner one would run stair suicides up all 5 levels on the steps to the left of the Topper stands. Partner two would run a lap and then switch with their partner. Rinse and repeat until time was called. The lead runners accumulated just short of 4 miles total.

Strong, humid work!

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