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Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

20 of the Johnson City faithful gathered at Arrowhead for a 0600 game of cards on Saturday the 15th of September.  Ironhorse was closed for the day due to the TriCities 1st Annual TriPride parade using Founders Park for the event. So, Arrowhead served as a fine, dark location to gather in the gloom.
-TTT x 10                                                 -LBAC x15 Forward & Backward                  -Willie Mays Hayes (10 count each side)         -Mosey 1 lap


A deck of cards was used to lead the workout.  For Aces, regardless of suit, the payout was a lap around the track.  For every other card, the number on the card represented the number of reps with all face cards worth 10.  The four suits corresponded with the following exercises:

  • Hearts-Burpees
  • Diamonds-Lt Dans (1 squat & 4 lunges)
  • Spades-Jack Webs (1 merkin & 4 overhead air presses)
  • Clubs-1 Heels to heaven & American Hammer 4 count

We got through all but 9 cards in the deck as we went around the circle with each Pax taking turns drawing cards to assign the next exercise.  Part way through the Lt Dans was reduced to every leg counts as “1 lunge” as opposed to both legs counting as 1.

Encouraged newer pax to jump on the Q, or ask for help from a veteran to do a co-Q.  As today’s workout and some recent Dora’s at IH demonstrate, it isn’t that difficult to come up with a good workout that keeps the mumble chatter to a minimum and gets the heartrate up.


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