Northeast Tennessee

It goes to 11, so this Q is 1 better than a normal Q

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

18 Pax came to Iron Horse this morning to get better. Temperature was in the mid-60s. Sadly, the humidity was NOT that low. I missed the sign up for my 1 year anniversary Q in late August, but such is life. Who needs a special occasion to jump on the Q? Nobody…….just need a free spot to sign your name.
SSH x 15 IC (was supposed to be 11, but I get distracted counting sometimes.)

LBAC forward x11 IC

LBAC reverse x11 IC

Through the tunnel x11 IC

The Thang

A few weeks ago, during a weekday Iron Horse workout, I noticed 2 Pax (Kardashian and Pythagoras, I believe) discussing the current scent of a workout glove. The glove was then held under the noses for further appreciation of its newfound cleanliness. This lead to me making a comment about the Smell the Glove album in the movie Spinal Tap. In turn, Crampon followed with a rousing “it goes to 11.” Thus, a Q idea was born! I figured that if 10 reps in any given round is good, a round that goes to 11 would be one better, thereby making us that much stronger! Pax numbered off into 3 groups to spread things out and give us some room to work, largely because of the limited “equipment” for the arm station. Each group was sent to one of 3 stations on the field for some Elevens work. The stations were:

  • Legs – Lunges and jump squats– Begin with 1 lunge (R,L=1) at 1st cone; Run to 2nd cone and do 10 jump squats; Return to 1st cone and do 2 lunges; Run to 2nd cone and do 9 jump squats;
    • Continue this by adding 1, 2-count lunge each time and subtracting 1 jump squat each time until you get to 10 lunges and 1 jump squat
    • When I originally did the test run of this workout and typed up the plan, this station was regular squats. For some reason, last night a slightly more sadistic side came out, and the change to jump squats was made.
  • Abs – Freddie Mercury & Boat/Canoe– Begin with 1 Freddie (4ct=1) at 1st cone; Run to 2nd cone and do 10 Boat/Canoe (4ct=1); Return to 1st cone and do 2 Freddie; Run to 2nd cone and do 9 Boat/Canoe
    • Continue this by adding 1, 4-ct Freddie each time and subtracting 1, 4-ct Boat/Canoe each time until you get to 10 Freddie and 1 Boat
  • Upper Body – Dips and Merkins– Begin with 1 dip at benches; Run to cone and do 10 Merkins; Return to benches and do 2 dips; Run to cone and do 9 Merkins.
    • Continue this by adding 1 dip each time and subtracting 1 Merkin each time until you get to 10 dips and 1 Merkin

Once a station was completed, Pax rotated to next station. When all 3 stations were completed, Pax moseyed to bottom of Tombstone for a “Bonus” station. Still Elevens…..Still Fun

  • Mountain climbers and Burpees– Begin with 1 Mountain climber (4-ct) at bottom; Run to top and do 10 Burpees; Return to bottom and do 2 Mountain ClimberS; Run to top and do 9 Burpees.
    • Continue this by adding 1 Mountain Climber and subtracting 1 Burpee each time until you get to 10 Mountain Climbers and 1 Burpee

If this was finished before time was called, Pax return to field and go back to one of the 1st 3 stations for another round- personal choice of where to start. Continue rotating through stations until time called – “just keep moving”.

Most Pax were somewhere in their Tombstone rounds when time was called. A few had made it back to do additional work on the field stations.


Time was called at a point that did not allow Mary to join us today. That is OK. We did plenty of work already.


Moleskin: It has been a little over a year since I first posted. I would say I have changed in many ways, mostly for the better. My wife has said the same because she notices more of “the old you” in me most days. I still have work to do in all areas of my life to get better. I am sure we all do, but this group provides a great foundation. Let’s keep it going (and growing) stronger and stronger. Thank you for providing me that base of support.


Announcements  —  Nothing specific that I can remember other than Kardashian’s “so there is a document on Slack…”

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