Northeast Tennessee

Another kilo 5k

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Beautiful morning with cooler temps for 7 brave PAX, 3 of whom doubled down (actually Jobs tripled down)

SSH (IC) X 25

LABC (IC) X 25 forward then 25 back

Merkins (IC) X 10

Abe Vigoda (IC) X 10

Flutter Kicks (IC) X 25


The PAX moseyed to the stop sign at the top of the hill for station 1 of the kilo 5K with station 2 located 0.17 miles away behind the dugout of the baseball field.  Complete the exercises, run to the next station, R&R until time is called.

Station 1

  • Hand release merkins X 10
  • Squats X 10
  • Carolina Dry Docks X 10
  • Monkey Humpers X 10
  • Flutter Kicks X 10 (2 count)

Station 2

  • Derkins X 10
  • Wall step-ups X 10 (2 count)
  • Wall dips X 10
  • Lunges X 10 (4 count)
  • Burpees X 10

Trifecta (Rudy’s 2.0) called some Merkins IC to seal the deal.  (Happy B-day Trifecta!)

YHC has been reading through Hebrews.  In chapters 3 & 4 it talks of entering into God’s rest.  The Israelites looked to enter God’s rest in the promised land, but ultimately, because they were unable to keep God’s law, cycles of rest and unrest ensued.  Regardless that was a foretaste of the ultimate rest that would be brought about through Christ.  Just a reminder that we oftentimes focus on the achievement at the detriment of the process.  Don’t continually look forward to the ultimate “rest” or the next big accomplishment.  Know that you are able to rest in God’s graciousness poured out upon us, but also enjoy the journey of getting there.  Don’t grumble as the Israelites did in the desert.  Recognize the daily blessings at each step of the journey or the process for what they are.  Being men who love and encourage their family will ultimately be remembered by those most important to us more than any specific goal or dream we accomplish.  Don’t miss the journey because you are too focused on the destination, although it is imperative to keep the destination in mind.  You don’t finish well by accident.

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