Northeast Tennessee

Last Man Last Card

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

25 pax came to Ironhorse to push and get better.
Warm-up? We don’t need no stinkin’ warm-up!


  • Last Man Standing – Hold a static position until you can no longer go, then proceed to do a second exercise until the last man drops.
    • Round 1 – Iron Cross to Burpees
    • Round 2 – Al Gore to Groiners
    • Round 3 – Flutter Kicks to American Hammers
      • BURPEE TRAIN for about 4 minutes
    • Round 4 – Al Gore to Gorilla Humpers (Wide stance Monkey Humpers)
  • TEAM UNO on Tombstone Hill (Round 1)
    • Grab a card at the top of the hill, Run down, Do the corresponding exercise. WRR until all cards are gone. Any card not numbered was 10 (draw 2, skip, zero, reverse).
      • Blue = Burpees
      • Yellow = Groiners x2
      • Green = Gorilla Humpers x 4
      • Red = American Hammers x 4
      • WILDS – Run around the block (approx. 1/4 mile)
  • TEAM UNO on Tombstone Hill (Round 2)
    • Card Buckets were moved to 1/2 way up the hill
      • Blue = Burpees
      • Yellow = Groiners x2
      • Green = Gorilla Humpers x 4
      • Red = American Hammers x 4
      • WILDS – BURNie Sanders to the top of the hill

Burpee-Palooza – Each team spent 2 minutes doing collective burpees (255-240 total)

Mercan Palooza – 2 minutes collectively (370-350 total)

I’m most inspired by those that persevere, not necessarily the fastest person in a race, but the one that truly left everything they had (and then some) out there. I heard a pro triathlete once say, “I am most inspired by the guy that finishes last, because he is tougher than I am…he was out there ALL DAY LONG and didn’t quit.”  For perspective, the pros usually finish an IM in about 8 hours, and the last place finisher would be close to double that time.  Always push yourself to do/be better, because you never know who you are inspiring!!!!
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