Northeast Tennessee

Impromptu Q

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

Crisp fallish morning with 13 PAX on a Monday Runday.  Looked like this, except it was dark….

We stretched, right after Kardashian called out YHC to take an impromptu Q

Dynamic warm-ups on the field, followed by a Ponzi Lap, followed by a football field suicide (every 10 yards)


Sprint to the 100 yard line, then run each set of stairs in the bleacher, sprint to the 90 yard line, then run the stairs, you get the idea, R&R dropping 10 yards on each sprint until time is called.

At 6:00 the PAX ran the snake covering each 5 yard marker and sprinting every other one (each marked 10 yard line) resulting in 21 trips across the field (11 sprints).  A couple of cool down laps put the mileage around 3.7-4.15.


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