Northeast Tennessee

Form Matters

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

It was a nice cool 43 degrees. Pax show up for a workout of form and quality, not junk and quantity.
The Motivator from 7
TTT x10
Grab the flag and mosey. Stop to partner up and work on form Mericans. Demonstration of Merican was performed. 5 good form mericans were performed by each pax with fist of partner was held on the ground to show how far down the body should go.
Mosey again. Stop to demonstrate the proper Big Boy Sit-up. 5 BBSUs performed with partner holding feel and performed with hands interlaced behind head.
Mosey on. Stop to show proper technique of a squat. Back straight, knees behind toes and back on the heels. Squat should go down until the thighs are parallel to the ground. Each pax performed 5 perfect squats.
Mosey to the Central Baptist Church playground. Here the proper form for pull-ups were demonstrated.
Pax were broken up into four groups to perform the four exercises demo-ed during mosey. 2 minute intervals then rotate exercises.

After 2 cycles through all four exercise mosey back to the AO.

On the GoRuck events F3 has a reputation of having very crappy form when it comes to PT. The F3 guys that went last month  made F3 proud by doing things correctly. F3 Pax need to have pride in our group and represent it in all they do. Great gains physically and throughout all communities can be achieved if you remember form over how many reps you can knockout.
Q opportunity for November.

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