Northeast Tennessee

Snake Suicides

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

11 of NETN finest won the first battle of the day and showed up in the gloom at The Hill. Excellent 50 degree November morning.
Dynamic warm-up to the 10 for a few rounds and then straight to work.
QIC was Qing The Hill for the 3rd time in the past 4 weeks. No love for The Hill from the PAX apparently. Mission – motivate the group to keep QIC off the Q. Snakes, sprints, and laps ought to do the trick. Workout was as follows:

  • Snake Suicide – Starting on the goal line, run a snake to the 25, then sprint to the opposite goal line and back. Restart the snake and run to the 50, then sprint to the opposite goal line and back. Rinse and repeat until the full snake has been completed. Fall in with the 6 to finish strong.
  • Sprint Repeats – Mosey to the goal line. Sprint to the 25 and back on QIC’s call. 10 second break and go again.
  • More Sprint Repeats – Mosey to the opposite goal line. Sprint the length of the field on QIC’s call. Recover 20 seconds and repeat.
  • Laps – With 9 minutes remaining, hit the track. Sprint the straight-aways and jog the corners until time is called.

It is worthy to note that collectively, the PAX who post at The Hill are in ridiculously better shape that the previous year. Amazing work men.

Last chance for shirt orders. Info on Slack.

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