Northeast Tennessee

Wilderness Road Burpees in the corners

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

Pleasantly cool 35 degree weather with no rain, snow or wind. 8 PAX showed up for a burpee feast.
While we waited on @Trolley to don his weighted vest, the rest of the PAX did a Ponzi lap around the parking lot. Then just to make sure he didn’t feel left out, we did another Ponzi lap with @Trolley and his weighted vest.
Through the tunnel slow and steady IC x 10
Legs together through the tunnel slow and steady IC x 10. This one demonstrated how tight all our hammies are!!
Motivators from 8 counting down. Each PAX leading a round.
Motivators starting from 1 counting back up to 8 with each PAX leading a round.
THE THANG – Burpees in the Corners
Four stations. Doing a complete burpees, but building the burpee further at each station.
Rectangular parking lot. Walking lunges across the short ends and sprinting down the long sides.

  • Station 1: Regular burpee no chest to ground
  • Station 2: Regular burpee chest to ground
  • Station 3: Regular burpee chest to ground, hands up off the ground.
  • Station 4: Regular burpee chest to ground, hands up off the ground, push-up.

Vertical MARY
Squats to a 4 count IC x 25
Connected Circle Squat counted by each PAX to 50
Legs slams to 25. Partner up. 1 PAX on his back with his head between the other PAX ankles and his legs straight and pointed to the sky. The PAX standing slams/thrusts/shoves the prostrate PAX straight legs back down to earth. The prostrate PAX brings them back counts as 1.
The past few snows days provided an opportunity for us to assess whether we invest enough time in our families. Did we take the time and make the effort to go play in the snow with the kids?

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