Northeast Tennessee

History on this day

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Dec. 18, 2018

17 on pax on deck for a cold and clear cycle of repeats.


Thankful for another day to try to make a difference and try to be the light for others.
10 side-saddle hops, 10 air-squats, 10 merkins in cadence, and 5 burpees on your own.
A mosey with blocks over to The Hill for some repeats.

25 Heels to Heaven, carry the block half-way up the hill, pause for 20 Hand-release Merkins, then carry the block to the top of the hill for 10 Block-burpees.  Carry the block down to the base of the hill to repeat the cycle

10 side-saddle hops to run out the clock.

I tried to be creative and look-up any significant history that happened on Dec. 18, but nothing stood out.   Also, this workout had no name, we just had to get through it.  Some days are like that.  They might be a little mundane or seem trivial, but they prepare us for days where our mind and strength are needed.

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