Northeast Tennessee

18s with Cotton Eye Joe Finale

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

17 PAX gathered on a dark, damp, unseasonably not-so-cold December morning to finish out the year at Iron Horse. Plenty of blocks, wet pavement, willingness and hard work were provided to enhance the experience.
Warm Up in the muck: DQ IC 18, TTT IC 18, WMH IC 10, LBAC IC 18, Motivator IC from 8
Headed to the hill and counted off in 2s to work on three sets of exercises at the bottom and 3 sets at the top. Half of the PAX started Set 1 at the bottom o’ the hill while the other half started Set 1 at the top. After each set we ran to the top/bottom to tackle successive sets… Rinse and repeat… 18 reps seemed appropriate as we bid farewell to 2018.

Bottom of the hill:

Set 1: 18 merkins, 18 block squats, 18 block lunges

Set 2: 18 curls, 18 bent rows, 18 overhead blocks (triceps)

Set 3: 18 shoulder presses, 18 burpees

Top of the hill:

Set 1: 18 LBCs, 18 flutter kicks (4 ct), 18 American hammers (4 ct)

Set 2: 18 BBSU, 18 Mtn climbers (4 ct), 18 boat canoes

Set 3: 18 Freddie Mercs (4 ct), 18 imperial walkers, 18 heels to heaven


With about 10 minutes remaining we headed back to Founders Park just in time for a round of Cotton Eye Joe (courtesy of Rednex). When the guy sings: Side straddle hops. During instrumentals: low squat and kick out leg (alternating legs). When the woman sings: Merkins. This went on for an endless 3 minutes and 14 seconds.

There was still time left: Kardashian (I forget the name of his exercise), Rudy (led elevator merkins) and Joanna (led plank jacks) helped finish out the hour.


Words of encouragement and gratitude.
We decided there will be no AO at Iron Horse Tuesday, January 1st. There is not enough interest in having it open since there will be a Murph Convergence at Arrowhead. I’m told “the Murph” is a great workout. Everyone was encouraged to attend the Convergence and do the Murph New Years Day at 7AM.

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