Northeast Tennessee

Why the Hill would they lock us out?

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

9 PAX arrived at The Hill to perfect 52 degree temps eager to kick New Year’s Eve in the teeth (and possibly earn a few extra calories for the night). Unfortunately, the prime real estate for putting in work was off limits due to recent painting so plan B had to be developed…..quickly.
TTT – 10 IC

WMH – 10 count right then left

Dynamic warm-up across the parking lot

Mosey to good ol’ Pactolas

QIC had a robust New Year’s themed Q planned but said plan required the track and football field. No worries. There is always alternate beatdown locations around the Hill. Attempting to be clever on the fly, QIC instructed the PAX to run up and back on the full Hill at Pactolas 20 times, planning to do a shorter run for 18 rounds to stay on the 2018 theme. At roughly 3 miles and only 7 laps in, an audible was called. New plan was 10 up and back with 10sec recovery between rounds. Followed by another set of 9 rounds going only halfway up the hill. Long run was “20” total (1 up + 1 back = 2) and short run was “18”, so…..2018 (sort of). The mosey back had the PAX arriving at the parking lot roughly 4 minutes later the schedule. Total mileage was anywhere 4.25-4.8. Strong work by the PAX!!


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