Northeast Tennessee

Doc Ock brings some “fun” to IronHorse from IronValley

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

WEATHER – Beautiful 52 degree WINTER morning

  • Squats – 3 Count hold – 10  There was a grumble from 2A for he knows the “3 count hold” the QIC plays.  The PAX found this is more of a Simon Says game, with a 7 to 10 count hold time frame, using 1/2s & 1/4s to make Pythagoras happy.  That was about the only mumble chatter of the morning.  YHC feels it is a pretty successful Q if you can keep 2A’s mumble chatter to a minimum!?!?  (Love you brother)
  • ‘Merkins – IC – 15
  • Motivator – 6
  • WMH – IC – 10
  • Imp. Squat walkers – IC – 10

Mosey to field   ~   Partner up   ~   One partner performs an exercise while the other goes to the cone and back – approximately 12 yards  which Cold Call and I determined was probably 2 too many yards!?!?   Then Switch

  • Lunge walk down and back while partner performs Block Burpees 
  • Bear Crawl down and back while partner performs Side Straddle Hops
  • Ski Jumps down and back while partner performs Overhead Press
  • Broad Jump Burpees down and back while partner performs Squats with Coupon 
  • Inch worm down and back while partner performs Curls with Coupon 

Mosey to the wall at Wild Wings

  • Partner 1 – Chicken Peckers – 3 levels – Feet a few inches up the wall, feet 45 degrees on the wall and balls to the wall – 10 at each level touching right hand to left shoulder then down and left hand to right shoulder then down.  It was probably just after the first set of 3 that Swingline pointed out to PAX that this is what happens when the Q sheet is not filled in a quick fashion…….  I think it is full thru April now!?!?!?
  • Partner 2 – squats while the other performs Chicken peckers – SWITCH  – 3 sets  

Mosey back to field – started a rinse and repeat but time did not allow a full circuit 


  • LBC – IC – 10
  • Sweat Angels – IC – 20
  • Flutter Kick – IC – 20
  • Heals to heaven – IC – 10
  • Doc I hate you – “3 count hold” – 5


  • Count o Roma
  • Name o Roma
  • Prayer

It sounded like not only did I enjoy being back but many that had a full holiday schedule, made it back to IronHorse for the the first time in awhile.  I always appreciate the warm welcome and will be back a little more frequent. Iron Valley extends invites to you all if M, W, F in Erwin works.  Love Chapel Elementary School parking lot.

Welcome FNG – apologizes, I did not get his hospital name or age.  23ish I think –  ETSU student – No Jail time, No Tattoos, No M but has a girlfriend and he is looking for a ring ……… FRODO!

As Penn- Seagal led us out in prayer something he said hit me like a block burpee after chicken peckers!?!?   “…… WHISPER to us Lord…….”      WHISPER.     The Lord does talk to us! He answers us. It may not be the answer we WANT at the time but he speaks to us.  We just need to SLOW DOWN.  Enjoy the blessings we have and LISTEN to HIM!  Sometimes life gets busy and we forget how blessed we are.  We forget to hug our 2.0s or be a little more patient with them.  We forget to tell our M, how amazing she is!  We forget that we are able to put our feet to the floor and better ourselves at 0530!  We forget HE is ALWAYS there.  Take time today to slow down and listen to the WHISPERS!   Thank you again gentlemen, see you again soon!    ~ Your Humble Correspondent ~   Doc Ock 

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