Northeast Tennessee

African Safari Experience Birthday Q in Kingsport, TN delivered by Scrum

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

A gloriously balmy 52 degrees greeted the 12 PAX who unsacked and met in the gloom. Nary a drop of rain was present which was a nice change..
Through the tunnel slow and easy actually stretching IC x 10
Legs together through the tunnel slow and easy actually stretching IC x 10
Knees up 1/2 parking lot
Return Butt kicking 1/2 parking lot
Repeat knees up and butt kicking
THE THANG – African Safari Experience
Sticking together for all mosey sessions, we took a tour of the DB block. Along the way we encountered various animal siting’s and tried to blend in by joining them in their activities.
Mosey from parking lot around the outside of the block to the school bus drop-off point (back of school).

  • Springbok session – working on leaping and bounding with 5 sets of 10*Box jumps​

Mosey to school hill.

  • Cheetah session – speed session for some or just survive session for others with 5*Hill sprints up school hill and walk/jog back down​

Mosey to Insurance corner

  • Baboon session – we looked like a bunch of baboons hopping and flopping around on the street corner with 10*Burpees​

Mosey to Civic Auditorium parking lot

  • Rhino session – slow moving forwards and backwards with 10*Bear crawl/Crawl bears across parking bays​

Mosey to DORA hill

  • Elephant session. How does one eat an Elephant? – One bite at a time! So 1*Build a burpee (1*push-up, run half way up then 1*squat, run rest of the way then 1*burpee)
    We had started running out of time at this point, so rather than doing the previously prescribed 10 Build-A-Burpees, we had to settle for 1.
    Otherwise, we would have done jog back down and repeated with 2*push-ups, run half way up then 2*squats, run rest of the way then 2*burpees, jog back down etc.)​

We got back to the parking lot as time expired, so we concluded with the formalities.
Our FNG Steve Swinney was a topic of discussion and considering he works in the banking world, we decided to call him @Repo! Welcome @Repo
Various pleasantries were expressed and good news about @Sock Monkey’s wife’s surgery and excellent recovery!!
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