Northeast Tennessee

Brownie’s 31st

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Weather:  Cloudy, 42 degrees F

COP – Brownie



No warmup – there is no warmup in life!

The Thang

Mosey over to where the tires are and bring them back to the starting position.

While rolling a tire back, YHC noted that some PAX had taken it upon themselves to do some DIY warmup work.

YHC received a giant Uno deck for his birthday.  He knew immediately the best way to put this gift to good use.

Red – HR Merkins

Green – LBC’s

Yellow – Tire Flips

Blue – Block Presses

The PAX were asked to perform the prescribed move the amount of the number shown on each card, with a few modifications.

Skip x10

Reverse x10

Wild – 10 count rest

Wild (Draw 4) – Run a lap

Draw 2 x10

0 – Pickle Pounders (x10 IC)

Roll the tires back where we found them.

Count-O-Rama – 8 PAX in attendance.

Welcome FNG “Deuce” (Andrew Kneisley) – Matlock’s 2.0.  Several names were thrown around with varying degrees of satisfaction.  This was something that we all felt like we could agree on.


COP – Brownie


EH an FNG.

Check the CSAUP calendar!


Pray for Mona Lisa and YHC’s baby due 4/15/19!

Just like the workout this morning, often times in life, we are not given time to warm up.  Life hits hard and throws things at us that are not fun that we have not had time to prepare for.  How can we be more prepared for all of the crazy stuff we face on a daily basis?

3 PAX enjoyed a hearty Coffeteria at One Acre Cafe’s benefit breakfast.  What a cool ministry, and a neat way to support our community by simply having breakfast.  YHC enjoyed his time with Baby and Queen!

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