Northeast Tennessee

It’s all Fun and Games Until the Burpee/Bear Crawl Combo

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

9 PAX arrived on a semi-wet day dreading what was supposed to be pretty poor weather.  The skies dried up for most of the workout however.  Sometimes things just go your way.
SSH x 20 IC

Arm Circles Overhead x 12 IC

Line up on one end of the parking lot for some dynamic warmup.  High knees, butt kickers, rockette kicks, etc.
Today’s workout involved team work.  It required some coordination for movements and coupon hand holds.

  • PAX lined up beside one another in a line.  All of the coupons (mostly blocks with a couple of sandbags thrown in for good measure) were in a pile on one end of the line of PAX.  Everyone dropped to high plank and performed merkin coupon pull-thru’s until the pile of coupons were at the other end of the line.  Then repeated sending all of the coupons back down to the original end.
  • Each PAX grabbed a coupon and moseyed a lap.
  • PAX lined up one behind the other in a line.  This time coupons were moved by squatting, then lifting the coupon overhead and lowering to the PAX behind.  Repeat until all coupons were at the end of the line.  Turn around and move them back to the original starting point.
  • Coupon lap
  • PAX lined up facing the same direction and hit the six for American Hammer Coupon passes.  When all coupons were at the far end, repeated until coupons had been returned to the starting point.
  • Coupon lap
  • Then started back up the ladder with squats and ended back at merkins.

At this time all PAX were feeling pretty good that this boot camp wasn’t so intense and was really a team work exercise.  So we amped it up with a burpee/bear crawl combo.

PAX lined up side by side.  Hammered out 10 full burpees OYO, bear crawled ~20 yards.  Hammer out 9 burpees OYO, bear crawl back 20 yards.  Hammer out 8 burpees, and so forth and so on down to 1.  This increased the suck factor and everyone LOVED it!

Burpee/Bear Crawl Combo took us to the end
Had a quick shout out for the book Extreme Ownership.  If you haven’t read it, or heard of it, check it out.  It’s a fairly fast read and is pretty awesome.
1st Wednesday breakfast is next Wednesday, 2/6.  Come join us!  Location TBD.

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