Northeast Tennessee

8 pax had a grate hour-ish

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

On a perfect mid 30’s February morning 8 pax gathered at the hallowed grounds of Arrowhead. YHC was pleased to tell the pax that doubled down from Iron Horse that there would be no burpees (evidently they had their fill from the earlier workout).  Plus since YHC is not a professional, I did wait for the 4 or so that doubled up and the balance of the pax to arrive prior to starting.
All done IC

ssh x 20

iw x 15

wmh 10 sec per side

ttt x 10

lbac x 10 forward and reverse

merkins x 10
Pax line up at end of strait away on the track and sprint the full 100 yd length (coincidently there happens to be drainage grates at each end which caused many puns to follow using the word grate). Then complete 10 merkins and walk back as a group.  r&r 10x

Next pax gathered around their coupons and partner up for some FLORA 123 (described in the exicon as Dora’s lazy half sister.

Rd 1: P1 planks with feet on block (or if you’re baby or queen plank on a sandbag, not sure how well that works). While P2 performs block merkins to 10 reps. Flapjack till hit 50 collective reps

Rd2: P1 holds block overhead while feet are 6” off the ground. While P2 performs 20 lbc’s with block on chest.  Flapjack till 100 reps

Rd3: P1: performs 25 goblet squats with coupon. P2 holds bottom portion of squat. Flapjack till 150 reps completed

James bond

Flutter kicks

mountain climbers



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