Northeast Tennessee

Jeopardy returns

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

WEATHER – 49 Degrees

  • LBAC, Cherry Pickers, Drop in the bucket, LBAC in rev. – IC – 15
  • Imperial Squat Walkers – IC – 15
  • HillBilly Walkers – IC – 15
  • Goofballs – IC – 15
  • Mosey a lap


Jeopardy at Iron Valley today because “getting to know each other, holding hands and singing Kumbaya” doesn’t sound manly!?!   Questions were different but the game was the same.    6 Categories (2 PAX names) with 4 questions about the PAX in each category (2 per PAX).   Each Category had an exercise associated with it.  Each PAX took a turn.  Once said PAX picked a category the rest of the PAX started performing the exercise for that Category (LBC, Plank, ‘Merkins, SSH, Squat, Lunges)   Each question was worth 7 – 15 Burpees.  Wrong answers resulted in Burpees.

– Time did not allow for Mary today

  • Count o roma
  • Name o roma
  • Prayer

Today we learned some interesting facts about some of the PAX.  It was entertaining, fun and we put in some strong work.  Today’s post showed how different we all are.   We each have strengths from our journey. For some it’s been 67 years and others only 16.  Whether it was in Ashville, Alaska, Seattle, Bristol, Duke University, UT, Boise Bible College, WVU or Virginia Tech, as a group, we have enjoyed mushing sled dogs, performed in the opening ceremonies of the ’96 Olympics, traveled with Zach Brown Band, worked at KFC, McDonald’s and Wendy’s.  We all have been blessed on this journey called life.  Continue to use these experiences to be that light and example of God’s Love.  Be that friend, coworker, husband or father to help lift up and support someone else’s experience. Thank you men for being there for me.     

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