Northeast Tennessee

Flipping Out – Saturday February 9, 2019

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

5 PAX posted to have some fun today, all but Osmosis posted at 5:58 to ruck before hand.  30 degrees or so and slight wind.
SSH to about 35 IC waiting for Osmosis to make it over from his truck.  LBAC x 10 FWD/BKWD and 6 OVHD, 5 Burpees, TTT x 10 IC, ABE x 10 IC.  Mosey the parking lot one time and then 1/2 parking lot with Butt Kickers, High Knees, Hi kicks and Heel Touches.
Then assembled around a large earth moving tire YHC had brought with him.  PAX line up and 1st man flips the tire one time and runs around parking lot, while he is running everyone else is doing Burpees/Mercs until runner returns and it is their turn to flip and run.  This same process is followed with the following order:

2 tire flips and run with Mercs, 3 flips and Flutter Kicks, 4 flips and Jump Squats, 5 flips and Hold Plank.  Then reverse back down with 4 flips and jump squats and so on to 1 flip.  But the down side was modified so that as soon as PAX #1 flipped tire required number of times and started running #2 started on the tire and so on.
Mary was rotated 4 minutes till time expired.
PRAYER  – Prayer for Katniss’s wife, Praise for safe birth of Wilbur’s great niece, prayer for Chloe – student at Osmosis’s school with cancer.
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