Northeast Tennessee

Doc Ock’s Q was based on UT basketball!?!?!?

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

WEATHER – 34 degrees

  • Up stradle hops – IC – 15 each leg
  • Bobby Hurley – OYO – 10
  • Double Dribble Burpees – OYO – 10  (A burpee with 2 ‘merkins instead of just one.  At this point the PAX figured out it was a basket ball themed Q) .

YHC loves his WVU Mountaineers but with the success of the little college in Knoxville, the QIC thought it was appropriate to give props where it was due.  The QIC might have underestimated the post and said it “wasn’t going to be too difficult”  Below are some stat leaders for the VOLS.  Each category made me think of a different exercise. PAX partnered up.

  • Points   –  Grant Williams   –  19.9 per game     Merkins  – lets just round it to 20
  • Mosey a lap
  • Rebounds – Grant Williams  –  7.3 per game      Jump squats – 7
  • Mosey a lap
  • Assist – Jordan Boone  –   6.6  per game          Hydraulic Squats – 6 rounds to 6 (3 rounds each)  (PAX 1 in the plank position with their feet held by PAX 2.   PAX 1 performed 6 hydraulics when complete PAX 2 performed 6 squats they performed this 3 times then PAX switched and repeated the same process)
  •  Mosey a lap
  • Steals –   Grant Williams  –  1.2  per game      Colt 45 – 1 round  ( 15 curls from the down position to 90, 15 curls from 90 to the up position and 15 curls full ROM +total of 45)
  • Mosey a lap
  • Blocks – Kyle Alexander –  1.9  per game          Block burpees – 19  (since the men of IronValley were here to work, we scratched the decimal and made it 19)
  • Since UT has been rinsing and repeating the Ws, we did the same.

Mary was planned but with as much fun we were having with the Thang, time got away from us.


  • Count o roma
  • Name o roma
  • Prayer

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