Northeast Tennessee

Tire Flipping Pyramid – Fun in the Mist!

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

11 PAX posted on a misty warm morning.  They were greeted by Wilbur’s little friend who had so much fun with a small group two weeks ago he wanted to meet more of the guys.
SSH x 10 IC,  TTT x 9 IC (cause Trolley can’t count and messed us up) Abe Vigoda x 11 IC (11th was required to fix the Trolley Wreck), Shoulder Pretzels x 6 IC.   Mosey the parking lot once and return for 50 yard High Kicks, Butt Kicks, High Knees and Heel Taps
Line up at the Big Tire for a Flipping Pyramid.

PAX 1 flips the tire and runs the parking lot while remainder do Burpees.  As soon as PAX completes the flip #2 takes his place and so on.  When Men return they pick back up with Burpees.                     This was followed by:

2 tire flips with Mercs, 3 flips with Jump Squats, 4 flips with Flutter Kicks, 5 flips with Hold Plank,  and then descending order back to 1.  (Boat Canoes & American Hammers were substituted for flutter kicks)

Time was finished with Trolley leading in a count to 100 while we all held hands in squat position.

MARY  – Trolley eliminated the need for Mary to show up.
PRAYER – Prayer Requests Osmo Preaching Sunday and Youth Retreat, Chloe’s Health, Wilbur Job Situation.
Wilbur Thankful that no one hurt in last nights wreck and he was able to post and Q.
Tenderfoot has a VQ on the Calendar coming up, Wilbur Posting at Hickory, NC on Friday and Jamboree Posting in Chicago soon.

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