Northeast Tennessee

Keeping It Simple

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

17 energized PAX arrived on a pleasant morning for late February (low 30s).  The last Q that QIC led did not work out as planned, so tried to keep this one simple.
Motivator – 7 IC

TTT – 10 (IC)

Merkins – 10 IC

WMH- 10 Count each leg


  • Indian Run (2 lines) – Long Way to Playground.
  • Counted off by 2s, with 1s starting at Station 1 and 2s starting at Station 2.
  • PAX completed 10 Pull-ups at Station 1, 20 Merkins at Station 2 (4th light pole), 30 Squats at Station 3 (top of little hill), and 40 Big Boy Situps at Station 4 (top of big hill); in between stations, PAX ran except for Bernie Sanders between Station 3 and 4.  Rinse and repeat until time was called.
  • Mosey back to track.
  • Global Warming – or maybe now referred to as The Green New Deal – (AL Gore while each PAX did 10 Merkins) –
  • A few weeks ago, QIC went to a daddy-daughter dance.  One of the songs played was “YMCA”.  While dancing to this ridiculous, timeless “hit”, I thought of F3, and specifically the AH PAX.  F3 may not provide a hot meal or shower, but it is making our community better just like the Y tries to do.  You all have encouraged me to do the hard work in the morning week after week that helps me to be a better disciple of Christ, better father, and better husband.  Some great accountability is stemming out of morning workouts; great to see guys sharing struggles and joys, and getting encouraged and prayed for by others.
    Check Slack or contact Kardashian for more info. about GOMR.

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