Northeast Tennessee

Block … AMRAP … Run

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

12 PAX got together on a chilly 20 degree morning.  We didn’t stay cold for long…


  • Motivator from 7
  • Through the Tunnel IC x 10
  • Willie Mays Hays IC x 5
  • Scout Run – 2 lines, 1 lap


Two cones were set approximately 80 yards apart.  PAX partnered up – they cycled through five exercises with one PAX doing AMRAP of one exercise while the other PAX runs to the other cone and back.  One exercise, run, second exercise, run, etc.

  • Hand release merkins
  • Block jumps (with feet together, jump laterally over your block)
  • Block burpees
  • Block curls
  • Block squats

Rinse and repeat until time.  Most pairs did about 3 cycles (That’s about 1.3 miles of running, not counting the scout run).


This is where it got fun.

  • Mountain Climbers Knees to Elbows (it’s a slower version where you touch your right knee to your right elbow from the plank position) IC x 20
  • Leg Throw-downs x 30 sec. each partner (
  • Upright Flutter kicks (same as a normal flutter kick but you are in an upright position IC x 20
  • Seated side heel tap (in a seated position on the ground with your block by your knees, lift your extended legs over the block, left and right) IC x 6
  • Heels to heaven IC x 20


Leadership advice I picked up along the way that can apply to workplace or family.  Give praise in public, give criticism in private.  When people do good things, acknowledge it in the presence of others.  When you correct a behavior or provide discipline to an individual, do it in private to allow them to change their behavior without hurting their reputation.

Good luck to those first time marathoners.

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