Northeast Tennessee

Third and Long

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

Winter has returned after a brief hiatus. 7 PAX showed up at the last second for the Wilderness Road’s maiden voyage in to J. Fred Johnson Stadium.
Mosey down hill, around track, down hill some more, and in to the J. Fred end zone.

  • 50 yard Karaoke Left
  • 50 yard Karaoke Right
  • 10 yard Alternating Toe Touches
  • 10 yard Stretch and Squat Left
  • 10 yard Stretch and Squat Right
  • 10 yard Lunges

Mosey to bottom of bleachers.

Approach for the day was exercises up the stairs with each followed by running across the stadium, back down the stairs, across track back to starting point.

  • Climb and Squat – Up one level and squat. Repeat to the top. Run.
  • Merkin Ladder – Up one level and merkin. Alternate every 5 rows. Repeat to the top. Run.
  • 50 V Ups OYO
  • Climb and Lunge – Lunge as you climb stairs to the top. Run.
  • Plank Walk – Plank walk up each level to the top. Alternate every 5 rows.
  • 50 Flutter Kicks OYO
  • Sideways run up stairs left. Run.
  • Sideways run up stairs right.
  • Dip ladder – Dip on each level. Repeat to the bottom.

Stadium stairs run on home side excluding second level, around stadium, stadium stairs on visitor side, back up hill, around track, back to AO.
Be open to feedback. It’s not fun, but it is what makes us better.
1st Wednesday breakfast at Bojangles on Ft Henry.

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