Northeast Tennessee

Four Corners of Randomness

Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

8 PAX posted a whole lot more on time than Tuesday. 27°F, Clear, Pleasant. Nothing particularly special about today, other than it’s another one the Lord has made. Get to work. For those counting Merkins for March Madness (pretty sure that’s none of you) we did 100, or 120 if you count Carolina Dry Docks.

  • PRAYER (Thanks to Little Debbie’s Reminder)
  • COP
    • LBAC x10 IC Each Way
    • Overhead Clap x10 IC
    • Seal Clap x10 IC
    • Merkin x10 IC
    • Squat x10 IC
    • TTT x10 IC
    • Merkin x10 IC
    • Attempted Wall Blasters w/ Partners Back to Back…
      …but PAX Flopped After Only 10x IC Muhammad Alis.
    • 4 Corners (at Band Field): Exercise at Corner, Run to Next Corner, Hold On 6, etc.
      • Round 1 – “You Look Ridiculous”
        • Corner 1 – Carolina Dry Dock x10 IC
        • Corner 2 – Star Jumps x20 OYO
        • Corner 3 – Plank Fistbumps w/ Partner x30
        • Corner 4 – World Record Burpees x40 OYO
      • R2 – “Things We Hate”
        1. Bear Crawl 25yd x2
        2. Lunges x20 Each Leg OYO
        3. Mtn Climbers x30 Total OYO
        4. Heels to Heavens x40 OYO
      • R3 – “Unbuild-A-Burpee”
        1. Hand Release Burpee x10 OYO
        2. Squat Jump x20 OYO
        3. Plank Leg Jump Ups (Name?) x30 OYO
        4. Merkin x40 OYO
      • R4 – “Things We Don’t Do”
        1. Crab Walk 10yd
        2. Tuck Jump x20 OYO
        3. Sky Humps (Name?) x30 OYO
        4. Prisoner Squats x40 OYO
      • R5 – “Standard Issue”
        1. Merkin x10 IC
        2. WWII SU x20 OYO
        3. SSH x30 IC
        4. Skip…Mosey to Band Wall to Finish Wall Blasters
    • Wall Blaster (with actual wall this time)
      • Joe Frazier x10 IC
      • Drive the Bus x10 IC
      • Milk the Cow x10 IC
      • Recover for 10 then Back to Wall
      • Muhammad Ali x10 IC
      • Joe Frazier x10 IC (then Sample Implied YHC Was Predictable so…)
      • Cherry Pickers x10 IC (which are way more intense than the others)
    • Return to Trucks – Skipped Mary Because YHC Abs Were Already Pumped
      • YHC was discouraged yesterday with fitness progress on appearance and weight. Natural inclination was to mope and whine about it. No longer powerless sad clown, so YHC sucked it up, adjusted behavior, and moved forward. Broke through weight loss plateau this AM and correcting body image. Discouragement is poison and has no use to a HIM. Learn to recognize it quickly and accept that nothing will change unless you change it, then make the change – it’s that simple.
    • PRAYER
      • Result of Scrum’s Interview w/ CMD
      • Thanks for Each Other
      • Guidance for the Day
      • Wilbur’s Q Saturday, Come at 5:58 for Ruckership

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