Northeast Tennessee

Community Q or “Q-Juice For All”

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

Our dearest Q, Sample, was unable to compose his digestive system and attend to his loyal following, but seven PAX posted and each contributed a bit of Q. We considered if 39°F was warmish or coldish and decided that it is warmish in early Spring but we expect it will be coldish in late Fall.

PRAYER by Yukon

Motivators from 7 (Tenderfoot)
10x Burpee OYO (Jamboree)
10x Abe Vigoda IC (Trolley)
10x Through the Tunnel IC (Little Debbie)
15x LBAC IC Flapjack (Osmosis)


  • Triangle Lap w/ Painstations Q’d by Rotating PAX who took turns carrying the Shovelflag.
    • Mosey to J Fred Johnson Park Parking Lot
    • Station 1 by Daisy
      • 10yd Bear Crawl + 5 Burpee
      • R&R -1 Burpee Each Round, 6 Rounds
    • Silent & Reverent Mosey Through Memorial to DORA Hill
    • Station 2 by Little Debbie
      • Mini DORA
      • Runner Goes to Second Streetlight (Half of Hill)
      • Exercises
        • 25x Burpee
        • 50x Merkin
        • 100x Squat
    • Indian Run to #2 Bus Stop (DB Front Parking Lot on Ft Henry Dr)
    • Station 3 by Osmosis
      • 5x Heels to Heavens OYO
      • 10x LBC OYO
      • R&R 3x
    • Mosey to The Yates Agency (Apex of Triangle)
    • Station 4 by Yukon
      • 10x Merkin
      • 10x Wide Merkin
      • 10x Merkin
      • 10x Diamond Merkin
    • Mosey to Legion Drive
    • Station 5 by Tenderfoot
      • Plank Ring of Fire to 50
    • Mosey to Bus Line
    • Station 6 by Jamboree
      • 30x Tricep Dip IC (Slowly Lower for 3 Counts)
    • Mosey to Band Wall
    • Station 7 by Jamboree
      • Wall Blaster (Wall Sits w/ Hand Motions for Distraction)
        • 10x Muhammad Ali IC
        • 10x Joe Frazier IC
        • 10x Milk the Cow IC
        • 10x Drive the Bus IC
        • 10x Cherry Pickers IC

MOLESKIN by Jamboree
Inspiration from a prayerful ruck on previous day: I’ve been struggling with hearing what action items God wants YHC to execute towards accomplishing success in life/marriage/career/healing. He revealed that 1. You cannot do anything but put one foot in front of the other and concern yourself with climbing the hill right in front of you. And 2. “Success” does not reside at the top of this or any hill. Beyond this hill is simply another hill. So shall it be until He calls us home. Don’t value (or more often devalue) yourself by your ability to “get there” because “there” doesn’t exist in this life.
PRAYER by Tenderfoot

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