Northeast Tennessee

The Dad Life

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

28 Pax came out in the chilly 29 degree morning to help celebrate one of our own plunging into the world of velcro shoes, James Taylor concerts and minivans….

Warm up

SSH x25 IC

Willie Mays Hayes x10 IC (slow)

Thru the Tunnel x10 IC


In order to become a Dad, you need a woo a woman and a beach body can help

  • Block Curls x 20
  • Overhead Press x 20
  • Block Curls x 20
  • Overhead press x20
  • Lawnmowers x20 (each side)
  • Block Curls x 20

Once you catch her eye, you need to drag her back to your cave

  • Plank Drags x20 (over and back is 1)

So now she is at your cave….

  • Pickle pounders x20 IC
  • Pickle Pounders x20 IC
  • Pickle Pounders x 20 IC

When you learn that your M is pregnant, you jump up and down with excitement

  • Motivators from 5

Then she grows and waddles

  • Duck walk with block 50 yards


  • Block Squats x 20

Then as all Dads can attest, your life becomes a constant game of chase and tag…

Pax paired up. Pax 1 Farmer carried 2 blocks down the Great Lawn while Pax 2 did an exercise to give 1 a head start and then ran to catch up (tag) and they swapped. Wash rinse repeat until both pax and both blocks have made the complete circuit to the end of the lawn and back, then hold plank or Al Gore on the six.  7 rounds down and back.

  • Round one – 5 Burpees (2 block Farmer carry)
  • Round two – 10 Mercans (2 block farmer carry)
  • Round three – 5 Burpees (2 block farmer carry)
  • Round four – 10 Mercans (2 block farmer carry)
  • Round five – 5 Burpees (overhead block carry)
  • Round six – 15 Squats (overhead block carry)
  • Round seven – 15 Squats (overhead block carry)

Just to remind our (soon to be) new dad how he got himself here….

  • Pickle pounders x20 IC
  • Flutterkicks x 20

While we had a little fun at Brownie’s expense, YHC reminded the Pax that difficult things come with great rewards.  Being a Father is the hardest thing we can do, but it is soooo worth while.  The best workouts are the ones that make you want to quit, but you push through.  The things in life that are the most difficult are always the most rewarding.  Brownie called to say how appreciative he was for us “Pampering” him. He commented on how funny a bunch of guys look at 0558 walking to the AO with a cinderblock and a pack of diapers.

Welcome FNG Manti.  He was EHed by Rudy, but Rudy was a no show, just like Manti Teo’s Girlfriend….

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