Northeast Tennessee

March Madness

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

26 Pax including 2 FNG’s came out for some March Madness.

  • Mosey about 100 yards.
  • Through The Tunnel x 10 IC
  • Mosey More
  • Willie Mays Hayes 10 Count R & L leg
  • Mosey More
  • Motivator from 7
  • Pax Count off numbers 1-4
  • Mosey rest of way to Carver Recreation Basketball court.
    Awaiting the Pax at the courts was the finest basketball equipment that Cold Call could find in his kids toy bin the night before.  5 basketballs of different sizes were mostly inflated.  Using the four baskets, Pax broke up into their groups (1’s, 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s all assigned with a ball and a hoop).  Each Pax in the group would take turns shooting 1 shot.  With a make or miss there were various consequences, for their team or the other three teams.  Shots and consequences were as follows.
  • Make a layup-10 Merkins IC for YOUR Team.  Lesson: try a harder shot.
  • Miss a layup-15 Merkins IC for YOUR Team.  Lesson: you can’t even make a layup?
  • Make a Free Throw-15 Squats IC for Other Teams.  Lesson: you do good, your opponents aren’t happy.
  • Miss a Free Throw-15 Squats IC for Your Team.  Lesson: you do bad, your team isn’t happy.
  • Make a 3 Point Shot-Set of Lines (sprint from end line to foul line & back, mid court & back, other foul line and back, and full court and back) for Other Team.  Lesson: you take the risk and succeed, your opponents suffer the consequences.
  • Miss a 3 Point Shot-Set of Lines for Your Team.  Lesson: you take the risk and fail, your team suffers the consequences.
  • If a team makes three shots (layups don’t count) in a row, all other teams have to run 3 sets of lines.  We must have been pretty bad shots as this never happened.
  • It seemed like there was a lot of squats going on so Cold Call called an audible and switched foul shot miss/make to Pickle Pounders part way through.
  • At about the time to Mosey back to IH, each team selected their best shooter for the “Final Four.”  No penalties, just bragging rights on the line.  We started with each of the four taking a three point shot.  0-4.  Moved to the foul line.  0-4.  Moved to layup.  1-2 and gave up.
  • Mosey back.

Part of the way back, stopped to do:

  • Hillbilly Walkers x 10 IC
  • Merkins x10 IC

Moseyed some more.

  • Heels to Heaven x 15 IC
  • American Hammer x15 IC

Mosey rest of way to IH

  • On wall-Dips x 15 IC
  • 10 Wall Jumps OYO

Welcome to two new Pax: Franklin and Swiper.
Kardashian wants everyone to run a lot all the time.  There was no spreadsheet announcement, however.

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