Northeast Tennessee

Froggy Scout Run

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

9 PAX agreed that a 45 degree crisp morning was perfect to go running.  So we did.  Of course they didn’t know about the run until they got there.

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Shoulder Medley rapid fire
    • LBAC IC x5 forward
    • LBAC IC x5 reverse
    • Shoulder Pretzels x5
    • Chinooks IC x5
  • TTT IC x 10
  • WMH x 10sec ea side
  • Imperial Walkers IC x16

We then did a Scout Run all around the AO, a few lucky ones got to sprint up the hill.  Total distance approximately 1 mile

A three station relay was set up along the width of the field. AMRRAP (as many rinse and repeats as possible) until you were relieved by a PAX.  Groups of 4-5 were created with one PAX starting at each station.  The extra PAX(s) were moving to the next station to relieve them of the exercise.

  • Station 1 (West side of field): Freddie Mercury x20 and Mountain Climbers x20 Rinse and Repeat
    • Frog jump to Station 2 at midfield
  • Station 2: Straight Arm Crunches with Block (where you hold the block straight up in air and do a crunch) x 10 and Windshield Wipers x10 RR
    • Lunge to Station 3 at East side of field
  • Station 3: Hand release merkins x10 and Carolina Dry Docks x10 RR
    • Run across the field back to Station 1

It seemed like 1-2 sets at each station were completed before we were relieved.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.
For effective conflict resolution, don’t be an avoider.  Approach issues with a willingness to understand the needs and concerns of others, because sometimes those needs are hidden.

Iron Valley Convergence on Saturday.  Arrowhead closed that day.

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