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Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

7 pax kicked their day of Saturn off right at the righteous new start time of 0630. Braving mild temps and slogging through zero precipitation, it was unanimously declared a victory for fortitude and a triumph of the human spirit.


  • Inchworm x 5 OYO
  • Windmill x 10 IC
  • Travoltas x 10 IC each side
  • Slow Squats x 5


Indian run with the flag and sandbag to the pullup bars. Tclaps to Honeysuckle for helping to figure out how to do that efficiently. Then, some stuff.

Evolution #2 10 minutes

This didn’t work out out so well. The static moves were much harder than it looked on paper, so we did 1 round of 10 reps for each exercises, then moved on. The intended exercise is listed below. Doing it with 7 people is too many with the reps listed, but could have been done with 5,4,3,2,1 instead.

Wave of Merkins 10 down to 2 by twos. First Pax does 10 Merkins while the rest plank, then down the line each man does 10. Then 8,6,4,2 – stay in Plank the entire time.

Wave of Jump Squats 10 down to 2 by twos. Hold squat position while the wave is completed.

Wave of weighted Shoulder Presses, 10 down to 2 by twos. Hold Carolina Dry Dock position while you wait for your part of the wave.

Wave of Crunchy Frogs, 10 down to 2. Hold canoe position while you wait your turn. Boat if your courage falters.

Evolution #2 16 minutes

EMOM: 16 minutes

  1. Odd minutes: 8 pullups / negatives
  2. Even Minutes: 8 Burpess

This was solid but we probably could have gone higher reps on the burpees or gone a few minutes longer.

Evolution #3 Trying something new

Credit: from Maree Lloyd
Divide clients into two teams and name one team “mountains” and the other “valleys”.

On “go” each team attempts to flip all the cones to be the way up according to their name. So one team wants all the cones up the right way, the other team wants them all flipped over.

When the timer goes off, teams stand back at sides of the game field and the cones are counted up. Wining team completes 5 burpees. Leave the cones as they are at end of round and switch teams so losers have initial advantage. We did 1 rounds of 90 second with a run, then 1 round of 60 with bear crawls (sucked) and 1 round of 60 seconds with crab walks (really sucked). It was fun and it was good cardio but probably needed a slightly bigger group to be optimal.


1 round of 8 reps on the 4 static circuits, then 21 burpees OYO.


David Lapin, a rabbi and author of “Lead by Greatness”, is a consultant and coach from South Africa. A large manufacturing firm hired him to help improve safety at their plant after discovering that workers were under-reporting any minor safety incidents. What David discovered is that safety had been emphasized so much through messaging, metrics, and even compensation, that the workers grew to believe that the company didn’t care about the employees, only about achieving the number. As a result, the minor incidents started going under-reported, then a culture of complacency grew, and several major incidents occurred, resulting in the death of some employees.

What went wrong is that the company didn’t balance the need for results with the reasons and values behind it. David writes, “The more you focus your attention on measurements, the more you need to balance that focus with conversations about human and strategic principles, and the more you need to demonstrate authentic human caring”. By emphasizing the value for each employee, their families, and their lives with equal weight of their emphasis on safety, the company was able to make a dramatic recovery and become a leader in their field.

This has profound application with regards to how we parent our children. Don’t confuse enforcing rules with teaching values, or teaching values with demonstrating love. Our children model what we do and how we act far more than what we tell them to do.

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