Northeast Tennessee

Sands of Time blow into Iron Horse

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Sands of Time blow into Iron Horse

21 Pax came to Iron Horse this morning to celebrate Spring finally sticking around for several days in a row. Temperature was in the mid 40s, and it was dry. We decided to go ahead and workout since the weather was cooperative. 2 ruckers disappeared into the darkness while the other 19 stayed at the field.

SSH x 15 IC

LBAC forward x10 IC

LBAC reverse x10 IC

Through the tunnel x10 IC    Pythagoras generously offered to be the one to stare at YHC’s backside during this exercise. Or, maybe he was stretching, and raised his hand on accident

Burpee Train provided an unexpected addition to the warmup

The Thang

Pax counted off by 3 and broke into groups. Each group was given a bag that contained a small plastic 2-minute sand timer. They were also given there own mini-weinke that had the exercises for each of 21 stations on one side and a general navigation of where the stations were located around Founder’s and Tombstone Hill. Stations were marked in chalk. There were arrows guiding us from place to place. For those who may get confused by chalk arrows, a map that showed the flow around the area was also included. They were each sent to a different station to begin- station 1, 3, and 5

The workout plan was simple. One person turns the timer to start the exercise. Pax do AMRAP of the exercise at the station (resting and/or modifying as needed) until the sand runs out. When the sand is gone, quickly move to the next station and repeat the process ASAP. Some stations were very close in proximity, while others were a little further apart. The goal was to get from one station to the next and begin with as little down time as possible. Move through stations until time was called. I think all groups completed 18-20 of the stations. Exercises for each are listed below:

Station 1:Block Curls                                    Station 2: Squats

Station 3: LBC                                           Station 4: Kettlebell swing

Station 5: Merkins                                       Station 6: Lunges (forward)

Station 7:Freddie Merc                                  Station 8: Mountain climbers

Station 9: Derkins                                        Station 10: wall jump/stepup

Station 11: Boat/canoe                                  Station 12: Burpees

Station 13: Dry Docks                                    Station 14:Jump squats/high knees

Station 15:              Plank

Station 16: (Bottom of Tombstone) Bernie sanders to 2nd pole, then run back down; repeat

Station 17: (Top of Tombstone)  Skater hops from curb to curb

Station 18: Reverse Crunch                   Station 19: (next to #1): Over head press with block

Station 20: Flutter kicks                                          Station 21: (next to #4) Block rows

There were 2 “FREE PASSES” available, on the honor system- a group pass and an individual pass. As a group, ONE station could be skipped over in favor of moving to the next one. As an individual, each Pax could choose ONE station to sit out and recover/cheer on the group for the 2:00.


I think 2:00 AMRAP at about 20 stations over the course of around 50 minutes is enough for one day. We ran right up to 7:00


Announcement  —  T/TH at The Hill seems like it is going to stick. A new name will be determined for this new weekday AO in the weeks to come. Check it out some morning.  If there was something else, someone please post it


 Moleskin: No big amazing words today. Just that F3 has been great for me in many ways, and I know it has been great for others as well. Let’s keep it going, and growing, so more guys can benefit from the positive impact it can have. If someone hasn’t posted in a while, let’s try to get them back out and going again.

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