Northeast Tennessee

Block Party Weekend!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

11 Pax emerged from the fog like a character in a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel, but instead of a meerschaum pipe and a pocket watch, these men carried cinderblocks and a willingness to get better!!!

Warm Up  –  SSHx25 IC – TTTx10 IC  –  WMH 10 count per side

Block Curls x 20 IC  – OHP x 20 IC – One Arm Rows x 20IC each side  – Block Thrusters x 20 OYO – 5 Burpees OYO


Movement 1

The Pax carried their block overhead to Tombstone Hill where we broke into groups of 3.  A Station at the top of the hill doing Block Thrusters, a station at the bottom of the hill doing Burpees and a three-man rotation always moving with the block.

Movement 2

Pax moved back to the Great Lawn and paired up for a session of Farmer Tag – One pax farmer carried two blocks toward the end of the field and back, while the second pax did a series of exercises and then ran to tag his partner, then they switched.

The first circuit was 10 Mercans while the partner carried, then swap and WRR until the team made the entire length of the Great lawn and back.

The Second Circuit was 10 Squats while the partner farmer carried, then swap and WRR until the down and back was complete.

Movement 3

Sit-up Block Circle – All pax made a tight circle (on their 6) with a block between each of them – as one coordinated and well-oiled machine, proceded to do a BBSU, grab the block to their right and move it to their left – WRR for about 20 BBSU….then the same exercise, moving the block from left to right.

Seal Situps – Pax interlocked arms and did exercise as a single unit – 2-minute AMREP

Movement 4

Talk about our feelings – Pax circled up and said one thing they did this week to be a better man – in any of the Three Fs – some solid answers were given – morning devotionals, reading to kids nightly, 3 F3 workouts, sitting down for dinner every night on time. And many other good things.

Donatello’s comments on Slack on this week hit home for me.  He talked about choosing to fade into the end or finish physically strong in life. Sometimes our Physical fitness can be taken in an instant by injury or illness, but often times it is robbed from us by our own apathy and sedentary lifestyle.  I run in a few very different circles and witness both sides of the spectrum.  I know a 70-something-year old man that is a retired Marine that trains the WCSO SWAT team and can run any 35-year-old man in that department into the ground. Conversely, I often see 50-year olds that can’t breathe and can barely walk into their cardiology appointment.  The choice between being the YOUNG 70 or the OLD 50 is made long before those birthdays come. What we do physically, emotionally, and spiritually now is an investment in the future.  Invest wisely!!!

EH someone this week.  If you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and ask someone to come to a workout, you might change the trajectory of their entire life… pressure!!!!

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