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Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

YHC wanted to introduce the 15 pax to the tiered lot where Honeysuckle often makes us do horrible hills.  Rather than run Honeysuckle’s horrible hill, we added in a little longer horribler hill and then added in some stairs.

Perfect morning – Clear, 54 degrees

  • Ponzi lap
  • TTT x 10IC
  • WMH x 10 each leg
  • To the fence to stretch out the calves

Mosey to top of hill at Freedom Hall Pool sign.  Run to bottom of hill at corner of Pactolas and Morningside.  Rinse and repeat x 15 minutes.  Try not to spill merlot.

Mosey across campus to tiered lots.  Run to first landing, back to bottom, up to second landing, back to bottom. Then, run to other set of stairs, rinse and repeat alternating between the two sets x 7ish minutes.  Wanted to make this one 15 minutes too.  Not enough time.

Mosey back to track.  Gassers from goal line to goal line until time is called.

YHC logged 4.87 miles in that mess.



Great to have 15 pax out this morning.
Welcome FNG Josh Self –> says he bought a used car lot down town as a hobby –> Lemon –> Jalopy –> Malware mentions Cars –> Mater

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