Northeast Tennessee

Pull-ups, and Bear Crawls, and Burpees……oh yeah

Northeast Tennessee

50s and calm for 21 HIM who came out for a Honeysuckle Bear Crawl/Burpee heavy Q

TTT (IC) X 10

WMH 10 count each side

Abe Vigoda (IC) X 10

Motivator from 8

Shoulder Pretzel (just for Donatello) (IC) X 7

LBACs (IC) X 10/reverse

Merkins (IC) X 10

Monkey Humpers (IC) X 10

Imperial Walkers (IC) X 25

Slaughter Starter (it’s part of the warm-up)

Mosey to Playground


Chicken Peckers – horizontal on wall, 45 degrees, balls to wall X 10 reps each then….

#1 – partner up, each team completes 75 burpees, PAX #1 starts on pull-ups while PAX #2 completes Merkins until relieved.  Reps OYO based on ability.

Mosey back to field

#2 – Bearmuda Triangle.  3 cones set up in a triangle roughly 20 yards apart.  Divide into 3 groups, each group starts at a different corner of the triangle.  Bear crawl counter-clockwise to the next cone and do a burpee.  At each consecutive cone increase burpees by 1 with a goal of 10 burpees completed after 10th bear crawl.

Am Hammer (IC) X 30

Freddy Mercury (IC) X 30

Flutter Kicks (IC) X 31

Elevator Merkins


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