Northeast Tennessee

Just a little “traditional dora” 4.18.19

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

12 Pax came out in the gloom (perfect weather) to get better.
Motivator from 8

TTT IC to 10

Imperial Walker IC to 15
The Pax moseyed to the end of the track.  We paired up.  One pax did 25 Mericans while the partner did step-ups.  Then we switched.  That was done until the cumulative number of 100 was complete.

We then moseyed to the bottom of parking lot in front of the school to complete the “Traditional Dora”

The pax paired up again with a different partner.  The cumulative exercises for the dora were 150 Mericans, 200 Squats, 250 Big Boy Sit-ups.

Once that was completed we moseyed as a group to the half way point on the hill.  We paired up again for the last part of the workout.  One pax Bernie Sanders’ed to the top of the hill and did 2 burpees while the other Al Gore’ed until they returned.  That was rinsed and repeated until the QIC called time.

We worked hard there was no time for Mary!
The QIC mentioned on the mosey back to the shovel flag starting area that the word that popped into his head was Faithfulness.  That word means a lot of different things in life.  Faithfulness to God and more importantly his faithfulness to us.  Also the faithfulness of this group of men to each other.
Murph coming up on Memorial Day.  Also the JC convergence at the end of May.

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