Northeast Tennessee

Jambo 33rd Bday Q

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Warriors' Path (Duck Island)

Only two PAX joined Jamboree and his 2.1 and 2.2 (Tenderfoot and Shruggs) for his 33rd bday Q. Ruckership from 6-7. YHQ chooses to believe the rain is responsible – therefore all fartsackers should feel shame. Louie did us the honor of dropping in to tell in person that us he wouldn’t post. Lil Debbie RSVP’d his regrets the evening before – providing a 2 mile OCR as his excuse – but YHQ also ran that race and is reclassifying Lil Debbie as an unexcused absence.

10x TTT IC
6x LBAC IC Flapjack
6x All Hail Zorps
Grab a Disc from Jambo’s Bag and Mosey to Disc Golf Course Tee 1
Play Disc Golf With Following Modifications
– Hole 1: Lunges to Where Disc Lands, Burpees Per Stroke Before Throwing Again
– Hole 18: Bear Crawl to Disc, Burpees Per Stroke
– Hole 19: Squat Jump to Disc, Burpees Per Stroke
– Tee 1 to Hole 17: Mosey to Disc, Merkin Per Stroke x10
– Hole 2: Speed Play
– Hole 15: Speed Play
Mosey to Playground and On Your Six on Slide Landing Pad
30s Each of Flutter Kick, LBC, Leg Lift, WWIISU
60s Low Plank
Mosey to Boat Ramp; Wade Out; Tread Water 2 Minutes
I’m 33. I’m better than I was at 32. F3 Owns Part of That Improvement. Sincere Thanks.

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