Northeast Tennessee

Recycled the Goes to 11 Q, but changed the exercises

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

10 Pax came to Iron Horse this morning to practice counting. Temperature was in the low 60s. With a nearly-full moon settling toward the horizon on one side, and a sunrise starting to happen over the mountains on the other side, the field seemed like a good place to lie down and stare at the morning sky. We decided to exercise instead.
Through the tunnel x11 IC

SSH x 11 IC

LBAC forward x11 IC

LBAC reverse x11 IC

The Thang

YHC noticed around 5pm Friday that the calendar was open. A shout out to the AOQ was met with him being in DC- some sort of walk in the park or something. A post on the channel to see if anyone wanted it received a heaping helping of crickets. So, I dug from my vast Q history (of 4) and found one to quickly recycle. A quick change of exercises, and we were ready to go. Pax numbered off into 2 groups to spread the love across the stations. Each group was sent to a separate station on the field for some Elevens work. The stations were:

  • Legs – Squats and Skater hops/side lunges: Begin with 1 Squat at 1st Run to 2nd cone and do 10 skater hops or side lunges (R,L=1). Return to 1st cone and do 2 squats. Run to 2nd cone and do 9 skater hops/lunges
    • Continue this by adding 1, squat each time and subtracting 1 2-count skater hop each time until you get to 10 squats and 1 skater/lunge
  • Abs – Dead bugs & American Hammers– Begin with 1 Dead bug (4ct=1) at 1st cone; Run to 2nd cone and do 10 American Hammers (4ct=1); Return to 1st cone and do 2 Dead bugs; Run to 2nd cone and do 9 American Hammers
    • Continue this by adding 1, 4-ct Dead bug each time and subtracting 1, 4-ct American Hammer each time until you get to 10 Bugs and 1 Hammer
  • Upper Body – Merkins and Hand-release Merkins (borrowed from the Mucho Chesto workout I did in MB on vacation)– Begin with 1 Merkin at 1st cone; Run to 2nd cone and do 10HR  Merkins; Return to 1st cone and do 2 Merkins; Run to 2nd cone and do 9 HR Merkins.
    • Continue this by adding 1 Merkin each time and subtracting 1 HR Merkin each time until you get to 10 Merkins and 1 HR Merkin

Once a station was completed, Pax rotated to the next one. When all 3 stations in the field were completed, Pax moseyed to bottom of Tombstone for a “Bonus Round”. Since this was so fun last time, I decided to leave it unchanged

  • Mountain climbers and Burpees- Begin with 1 Mountain climber (4-ct) at bottom; Run to top and do 10 Burpees; Return to bottom and do 2 Mountain ClimberS; Run to top and do 9 Burpees.
    • Continue this by adding 1 Mountain Climber and subtracting 1 Burpee each time until you get to 10 Mountain Climbers and 1 Burpee

If this was finished before time was called, Pax return to field and go back to one of the 1st 3 stations for another round- as with the last time, Pax got choice of where to start the new round.

Mary:    No Mary today- we have done enough.


Announcement  —  Anniversary convergence coming to Iron Horse in June. Date is still being finalized, but 8th and 15th are in the lead. Watch Slack for more info.

Kardashian has been discussing a possible volunteer opportunity for us to use our ability to lift stuff and move it around. Setting up 25 tables and 200 chairs for Isaiah 117 House Awareness Night. It will likely be a weeknight the week of June 10th. He will post final specifics when he has them


 Moleskin: Because telling people to exercise is my day job, I don’t jump on the Q calendar as often. Also, because my weekdays usually require me to leave early, I usually have to sign up for a Saturday. To be honest, if I am not doing a solo workout, I am much more interested in seeing what other people put together for group workout. However, sometimes circumstances require something a little different. When the calendar was open, I figured I’d jump in and take the lead instead of sitting back. If you have been here for a while and still haven’t been on the Q, jump in!! Ask for help if you need to.  If you haven’t been on the Q in a while, jump back in!! Partly because it would be cool to get more people on the calendar and see what everyone can bring to the table. Partly because it would mean I could go back to putting more time between my Qs. HAHAHA!!! 

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